Sunday, April 18, 2010

Veggie Sushi

While observing a friend make sushi at a party a while ago I was inspired to create my own veggie's so easy and fun to make, and a good combination of healthy ingredients is just as tasty (if not tastier!) and filling, without the fish.

I have since made it on at least a 1/2 dozen occasions, for my family, parties and pot lucks, and the feedback is always very positive, so I decided to share the recipe here.

Roasted Seaweed - each sheet makes 5 pieces
(best value is buying 50 in a bag at an Oriental Food Market)
Brown Rice
Thin, matchstick-like pieces of carrots, cucumbers, sprouts
(you can use avocado, red pepper, tomatoes, etc.)

For the sauce blend the following:
2 handfuls of walnuts
2 stalks of celery
1 Tbs lemon/lime juice
1 minced garlic
2 shakes of curry powder
* Optional -Sea Salt

Also use:

Ginger dressing (homemade or from the market)

Bragg (Healthy Soy Sauce substitute)

Cook rice and lentils together - 3/4 cup of brown rice and 1/4 cup lentils to 2 cups water.
When water has boiled, put in rice and lentils on medium low for approx. 20-25 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare your vegetables and sauce.

When all is ready, mix the sauce with the rice and lentils.
Lay out the Seaweed Sheet on a mat, flat plate or cutting board.
Drop a spoonful of the ginger dressing and spread all around.
Put 2 Tbs of the rice mixture along the edge closest to you, and lay a few pieces of vegetables.

Start rolling it away from you until it's done, and set aside on a plate.
Continue the same with each one and then put the plate full of your rolls in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes to 'settle'. (Can be longer, but not shorter than that or they may fall apart when you slice them.)

With a
very sharp knife, slice each end of the roll off, and then slice your pieces to about 3/4".

To present your sushi attractively, place on a white tray or plate with space between each piece, decorate with garnish and perhaps a few sprinkles of Soy Sauce.

Tastes extra great dipped in Soy Sauce so have some available in a little bowl on the side. Use your fingers, or some chopsticks, and enjoy!

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